My favorite zoo! (So far)

Last Saturday, a couple friends and I went to the zoo just down the road from us. I’ve been wanting to go since my friend Diana went last year and was able to hold a baby cheetah. It was only about a 30 minute bus ride and was the best zoo experience I’ve ever had. The zoo environment was absolutely beautiful. We did a lot of walking, with some hiking paths and inclined hills, while surrounded by mountains. The weather, as you can slightly see in the pictures was just perfect. Clear blue skies, sunny, and 73 degree weather.

I loved this zoo because they have a bridge you go on to see the “beasts” such as lions, tigers, coyotes down below. I love the concept of the zoo.

I’d have to say my favorite part about this zoo was getting able to feed almost every animal we came across. I’ve been to Houston’s zoo, but was only able to feed a giraffe. Of course over here, I would be paying the same amount to feed the animals, but in CNY.

I don’t remember the name of this little critter, but it reminded me a lot of a beaver.

Feeding a lion.

My favorite part of the zoo! Feeding/playing with the lemurs!

The deer pen.

Being in China, one thing almost everyone wants to see is a panda. I’ve been told that pandas are scarce here in China because of the male to female ratio, same with the people population. You can find a panda at the Qingdao zoo, in the city, but this zoo had a Red panda aka “the lesser panda”. The stereotypical black and white panda is known as the Great Panda. Isn’t this red panda adorable though? I’ve never heard of them prior to me seeing them, but they’re so cute.

I’m not sure if you can tell the size of the snake just by the picture, but this was the biggest snake I’ve ever touched. He was so heavy and really scared me. The keeper handled him in a way that proved to us he was harmless, but I’ve seen too many TV shows where snakes seem to be unpredictable.

Feeding a giraffe.




2 thoughts on “My favorite zoo! (So far)

  1. Wow like always you never disappoint. These photos are so beautiful I can tell you had a great time with animals. I know one day I would love to go there and visit that zoo. And omg that snake was just so huge, I tell ya you are one brave woman cause I hate snakes so much ha. But way to Pristine it’s so nice get to see this, cause it make me feel like I’m living in China myself haha. Have fun and take more photos.



  2. Dear Pristine,

    Just read in Julie’s report that your parents have sold their house. That was fast. Your parents must be so glad that it sold quickly.

    Loved your post about the zoo. Such interesting pictures and interesting animals. I don’t think I could hold them. I’ve never been around animals so I’d probably make them nervous and they’d make me nervous. Do you think you would like to work with animals? Have you ever seen Jack Hanna on TV? He’s affiliated with some zoo and is on David Letterman’s show. Keith tapes the shows because we don’t stay up that late – he’s really funny. Loved the picture of the pretty bird standing on your hand and the one with the lemurs all over you. What kind of snake were you playing with? It was HUGE.

    This is the Merriam’s last weekend at St. Andrews. Wonder if they are sad or ready to get on with a new phase of their life. Probably mixed emotions.

    My daughter and three friends are leaving Tuesday to go to Italy and Sicily for two weeks. They will be going to a cooking school in Sicily. Don’t know if you have heard about the awful flooding around Texas last weekend. Many people lost their lives, homes, cars and all their possessions. Austin, San Marcos, Wimberely and Houston really were devastated. It’s so sad.

    Will look forward to your next post.

    Hugs, Nancy

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