Campus Mountain

Last Friday was a great day. I had one class, which was at 8 AM. After that. I went back to my room and just waited for Fei to get ready. She had a couple of errands to run and prepared a little lunch for us for when we went up the mountain. At about 2pm, were ready to go. There is a mountain on our campus and it has such a beautiful view at the top.

The hike itself took about 45 minutes and from the top, all you see are condominium buildings and our university. It was so nice enjoying a beautiful, sunny day at the top of the mountain enjoying a nice home-made lunch with a good friend of mine.

At the top, we were so excited to see goats come up and wander around. With them was their shepherd and a cute dog.

It was a great hike and I plan to do it as often as the weather’s nice.




2 thoughts on “Campus Mountain

  1. Dear Pristine,

    Sounds like a wonderful day you had hiking up the mountain. The view is so interesting – doesn’t look like there is any smog. Have you ever hiked up Enchanted Rock which is close to Austin? What did your friend pack for your picnic?

    Your mom and I got to visit a few minutes after church – it was good to see her. Tomorrow is Knit Wits. I’ll catch the group up on your activities. Saturday is the annual PW Spring Retreat. The men cook, serve and clean up a dinner for the women. Keith always is in charge of the dessert. He always goes to Sam’s and buys their chocolate cake and puts whipped cream and a strawberry on top. They are delicious and look pretty and the women tell him over and over how good they are and they think he bakes them even though he’s told them many times that he buys them.

    Will close for now.

    Hugs, Nancy

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  2. Dear Pristine,

    Wow you seem to love China I’ve been following your blog for quite sometime now. I must say I’m so jealous I wish I could be there getting to explore all the wonderful hills and mountains you’re getting to see. And I love the pictures such a great view. I hope you’re have the time of your life and don’t let no one slow you down.


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