Upcoming holiday

Now that I’ve been in China for almost two months, my life isn’t as exciting as it was when I first got here. School has me busy from M-F and on the weekends, I’ll either relax or find something to do with friends. This past weekend I went with two friends into the city of Qingdao (90 minutes away) and had a great day.

IMG_7617 IMG_7620

My friend Fei took me to a nice Japanese restaurant here in town. It’s the nicest, most authentic Japanese restaurant I’ve been to yet. I tried sashimi for the first time and I’m not a fan. I ordered the California rolls and those were delicious.

The next day in Qingdao, we went to another Japanese restaurant, but known for their ramen noodles. Here’s a picture of it half-way through the meal, you can’t see any of the noodles because of the broth, but it was the best kind of ramen I’ve ever had. I tried matcha tea for the first time and it was okay.


In my second to last post, I said for our 3 day holiday, we went to the city of Hangzhou. Well, now we have another holiday coming up (yay). I’m currently trying to decide where I should go for it. All I know so far is that I’ll be going solo, I’m kind of tired of traveling with a group of people, as we all have different travel agendas. I can either take the bus, train, or plane. Bus is the cheapest option, with train and plane following behind. I’ve decided to take a plane so it’ll be quicker and hassle free. I’m planning right now to spend my holiday in Shanghai. Shanghai won’t be as crowded as Beijing will be during the holiday and it’s only an hour and some minutes away by plane.

For this trip, I’m going to find a host I can stay with. I discovered a website called couchsurfing.com and it allows travelers from all around the world to stay with locals for free and ‘crash on their couch’. I think it’d be a really great experience – you get to meet new people and get a first-hand experience of living in the city you’re visiting. Anywhere I visit, I like to do things locals would do, not tourists.

Spring here starts in May. This week, we’ve been having 70 degree weather and it excites me so much. I’m so tired of 30-40 degree weather.




One thought on “Upcoming holiday

  1. Dear Pristine,

    You mentioned your friend, Fei. Is she your former roommate? Are you still in a room by yourself? Is the holiday coming up a country-wide holiday or just for your school? You are so adventuresome!!!!! You remind me so much of my daughter – she likes to be on her own schedule, too. It’s hard to believe you have been gone almost two months. Will your parents be able to make a trip to China while you are there? Harland came into the parlor while we were having Knit Wits and said that someone stole Julie’s identity. That has got to be a super headache. Glad you are finally having warmer weather.

    Hugs, Nancy

    Sent from my iPad


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