Italian food in China

I went back to the Metro yesterday with my friend Fei. I love going there because I see all kinds of items from other countries I’ve never seen before. Here’s a picture of what the store looks like that reminded me somewhat of Lowe’s.


All I bought this time was some mocha flavored coffee for my kettle. It’s crazy seeing how expensive some items are here compared to what they are in America. Of course, I know it’s because it’s imported, but still.


Here’s a picture of some Ben & Jerry pints of ice cream they were selling. $10! I would never pay that much for a pint of ice cream.

I can’t wait until lent is over so I can buy and enjoy this :). (I gave up candy and chocolate)


Afterwards, we met up with a couple of our friends and headed over to an italian place Jonathan and William have been to before. It took us a while to find it online and even more time to get there. We got a van-taxi to take us who said he knew where it was, but he clearly did not. We ended up going in circles and he kept getting out and asking random people where the restaurant was. By that time, it was already 9pm and our dorm curfew is 11pm. I was so happy to hear China had an italian restaurant! Italian is my favorite cuisine and I have been craving some pasta.


1426874159691  1426861024107

I ordered water thinking it would be like a typical restaurant. Wrong. I got this small little bottle and paid 15yuan for it! At the university, I can pay 1yuan for a large bottle. Definitely bringing my own drink next time. At least my overall bill didn’t cost, but $10. Can’t complain about that.




One thought on “Italian food in China

  1. Dear Pristine,

    So glad you found an Italian restaurant that you like. Do they have any American franchise restaurants such as McDonald’s, etc.? Has your weather warmed up yet? I think Spring is getting near in Beaumont. Ten dollars for a pint of ice cream is horrible. However, if it’s chocolate, I might consider. Hope you are having a nice weekend. I’m still trying to figure out from things you say whether our time is earlier or later than yours. I have trouble with daylight savings time so I’m not surprised I have trouble figuring out your time. I look forward to your next correspondence.

    Hugs, Nancy

    Sent from my iPad


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